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Analyst/Associate Venture Capital

Boston, MA · Computer/Software
Our client is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to identifying and investing in innovative startups poised for success. They specialize in supporting companies in their pre-revenue stages, providing critical guidance and resources to help them grow and thrive in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape.
Job Description: As an Analyst/Associate, you will play a pivotal part in evaluating and identifying potential investment opportunities, working closely with founders and entrepreneurs to assess the viability of their ventures.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Technical Acumen: Given that their investments primarily target pre-revenue startups, it's essential that candidates possess a strong technical background. You will be responsible for comprehensively assessing the technological aspects of potential opportunities, evaluating their scalability and market readiness.
  • Founder-Facing Role: This role will require you to be in direct contact for founders and entrepreneurs. Exceptional communication skills are essential to build and maintain relationships, gather critical information, and convey insights effectively.
  • Ideal Background and Abilities:
    • Product Management/Product Design/Sales Engineering Experience: 2 years of experience in roles such as product management, product design, or sales engineering. This experience will be invaluable in understanding the intricacies of early-stage startups.
    • Passion for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: An unwavering enthusiasm for the world of startups and emerging technologies is a must. You should be up-to-date with industry trends and developments, with a keen interest in fostering innovation.
    • Market Research: A strong desire and ability to conduct in-depth market research to identify trends, competitive landscapes, and potential niches where startups can thrive. This research will be instrumental in making informed investment decisions.
    • Opportunity Assessment: Proficiency in analyzing and assessing the viability of investment opportunities. This involves a keen eye for evaluating market potential, competitive advantages, and risks.
    • Sourcing Opportunities: Comfortable with actively seeking and sourcing potential investment opportunities. This proactive approach is crucial in identifying promising startups in their early stages.
    • Independence and Collaboration: You should be able to work independently, conducting research and analysis, while also seamlessly collaborating with team members to collectively make well-informed investment decisions.


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