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Customer Happiness Director (Remote)

Seattle, Washington

Customer Happiness Director

We are looking for a passionate team leader. The Customer Happiness Director will oversee multiple
remote contact center teams. We are searching for a leader who has a strong focus on sales
behaviors. This leader will coach the teams on how to upgrade members and cross sell related
products. The manager is the point of contact for questions from the customer service team and for
delivering new employee training on the systems and processes at CompleteCase.

The Manager is responsible for all points of consumer contact, including phone (incoming and
outgoing), email and chat, and assisting in the development of a documented training curriculum for
both customer service and inside sales. The Customer Happiness Team Director is a 100% remote

About You:
The focus of this job is on achieving results which are aligned with the larger picture of the organization and its strategic goals. Initiative, coupled with a sense of competitive drive, and the
ability to stay focused on results despite changing conditions, is the key to achieving the performance objectives of this job.

Because environmental and organizational conditions change rapidly, the work involves innovation and creativity in generating ideas for quick response. Decision-making is focused on implementing practical, timely solutions. The job requires getting things done quickly and handling a variety of activities. Self-assurance, and the confidence to purposely drive toward results while constantly problem-solving and engaging the commitment of others is essential. A leadership style that is firm and goal oriented, and yet motivates, trains, and engages others in an enthusiastic way is important. The emphasis on building rapport and relationships with individuals and groups requires an outgoing, poised and persuasive communication style. Because the pace of the work is faster than average, the ability to learn quickly and thoroughly while continually recognizing and adapting to changing conditions is critical. The scope of the job may require effective delegation to proven people.

Especially routine and repetitive details should be delegated but with responsibility for follow up and accountability for timely results. While the job requires the ability to act independently, a sense of urgency and the confidence to handle a variety of challenges, a full commitment to the success of the business and high standards of achievement are expected in this position. The emphasis is on results, and effective systems that achieve results through and with people, rather than on the details of implementation. The job environment is flexible, constantly changing and provides growth opportunity, recognition and reward for the achievement of business results.

Description & Influence:
  • Inspire our team of Customer Service, Retention and Sales Agents.
  • Professional experience with outbound sales calls to consumers with a focus on informing, cross selling, and creating authentic customer connections.
  • Track record of success in achieving sales goals and identifying new sales opportunities.
  • Conceptualize sales opportunities based on marketing programs and content
  • Ability to sell a premium brand and overcome price objections.
  • Act as the point of contact for the customer happiness team regarding internal processes and procedures, fulfillment, system troubleshooting , etc.
  • Understands customer service principles along with the ability to think differently and build a better customer experience.
  • Has the interpersonal communication skills to communicate through email, chat, social, and video.
  • Routinely handle questions and issues in support of department needs.
  • Oversee training of employees on the use of internal systems, company processes and procedures
  • Help develop training curriculum for new employees
  • A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Background & Experience:
  • College degree
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with sales practices and techniques.
  • A proven track record in customer service of at least 5 years.
  • Minimum 2 years of sales experience with a proven track record of hitting a sales quota.
  • Minimum 2 years of training experience
  • Minimum 2 years of prior management experience of a service team that is remote.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Willingness to help out in other departments, as necessary.
  • Strong reporting and analytical skills in Excel.
  • A quick learner and self-starter with excellent computer skills.
  • Problem-solving skills and a willingness to proactively address issues is vital.
  • Open-minded and agile – willing to perform a variety of tasks and implement quick solutions in a fast-paced environment.
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