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Executive Assistant

Orlando, FL
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant - In this role, the ideal candidate would be excited to take on quick tasks that will enable others on the team to focus on their specialties.  This person has a desire and needs to help others succeed. From simple project management support to complete research on a new topic to managing the CEO’s inbox, the executive assistant is there to help, problem solves, and get their hands dirty. 
With a core focus of supporting the CEO of the company, this person would be managing lots of scheduling, communication traffic management, operations support, finance, and HR. As the handler of the CEO, the EA will have to have a strong backbone to provide guidance, advice, and push back in regards to a wide range of topics. 
The EA will work to ensure nothing is being missed, forgotten, or not asked. They will act as a second set of hands for the CEO and will be responsible for learning many new processes, documenting them well, and then take ownership of the task. 
Observable indicators to let you know you are performing well in this role. 
  • The executive team is able to hand off the scheduling of their calendars
  • The CEO spends less than 4 hours a week managing the email inbox
  • Sales proposals are created within 1 business day of request
  • Payroll for employees and contractors are run on time and accurate
  • You have an upbeat and positive attitude while managing a chaotic environment
  • All projects on budget and profitable
What You’ll Do:
● Coordinate internal and external meetings for multiple executives
● Manage hectic and complex calendars
Executive Assistant Responsibilities:
  • Sales
    • Proposal creation for CEO and sales team
    • Contract management
      • Communication with legal team and client
      • Getting agreements signed
      • Storing signed agreements in google drive
    • Invoicing
    • Sales operations support in Salesforce
  • Finance
    • Client Invoicing
    • Investment tracking
  • Marketing
    • Provide marketing operations support to the marketing team
  • Project Management
    • Weekly meeting coordination
    • Preparing Agendas 
      • Client meetings
      • Sales meetings
    • New Client Setup and onboarding support
  • Operations:
    • Google Drive Management and Cleanup
    • Annual business licenses
    • Random business errands
    • Random personal errands for the CEO
    • Client gifts
    • Payroll
    • Accounts Receivable and Account Payable
  • Documenting processes
    • Take ownership and lead on the training system build-out
    • Make sure that company processes are easy to understand and trainable.
  • HR and Recruiting
    • Process and filter candidates
    • Create job descriptions and scorecards
    • Managing Gusto and HR Documentation
    • New hire processing
      • Offer letters
      • New hire paperwork
      • Creating accounts
      • Initial onboarding training
    • Full Gusto
    • Maintaining company handbook
  • Personal
    • Help schedule appointments for family members
    • Assist in general family errands
    • Manage contractors and vendors on behalf of the family
    • Setup and breakdown of family events
Skills, talents, and experiences needed to create superior results. 
  • Service focused, deliver a positive, professional, and consultative customer experience 
  • Proactive, plan ahead, thinking in short time frames as well as extended time frames. Planning the team's resources while keeping tasks within the scope and on time. 
  • Catch inaccuracies in work before it reaches the client
  • Clear concise communication
  • Organized
  • Overachiever
  • Technical
  • Speak with Authority
  • Be knowledgeable in our services offerings and have the ability to upsell and/or cross-sell to clients
  • Recognizes all their constituencies, they appease the client, management, and team members. 
  • Communication, asks lots of open-ended questions, provide campaign updates to clients, provide client insights to the team, proactively communicating with all impacted, constantly communicating, expectations, priorities, and goals.
  • Sees the details and the big picture. Understands and sets the client's marketing and business goals as well as where the team is on executing upon those goals and the key metrics, can identify leading metrics to head off challenges before there is an issue, can present the value to both the client and the company. 
  • Speak with Authority. They have first-hand knowledge of executing omni-marketing campaigns and still stay on top of current trends 
  • Creative requires knowledge and experience so they are not running the same campaigns for every client or every quarter, they lead clients rather than manage clients.
  • Respectful needs to be authentic and considerate to build rapport and trust with both the client and the team and be an influencer 
  • Time management experience where they have had to manage more than 10 resources in an hourly manner and schedule their time efficiently.
  • Has worked with financial modeling and deep experience working with spreadsheet tools and advanced formulas.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical challenges with a client and ensure they understand the value, impact, or consequence of decisions.
Must Haves:
● 4+ years of providing complex calendar management, travel, and expense reports for 1 or more executives
● Experience prioritizing multiple projects
● Exceptional proficiency in Microsoft Outlook and Google Suite
● Strong verbal and written communication skills

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