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Practice Head Role

Location: Cambridge, MA, United States
Job # 10949791
Date Posted: 05-15-2018

Practice Head Role

The Practice Head serves as the go-to topic leader for a defined set of courses at Emeritus.  Serving as representatives of faculty and industry practitioners, Practice Heads provide the subject matter perspective during the course creation and delivery.  
Practice Heads play numerous roles during the creation and delivery of a course:
Course Owner:  The Practice Head is the owner within Emeritus for a suite of courses.
Design Advisor: The Practice head supports the Design Team during the design process.
Course Leader Manager:  The Practice Head oversees a team of Course Leaders.
Faculty Collaborator:  The Practice Head interacts with faculty to create, revise and improve the courses.

Core Responsibilities of the Practice Head

  1. Course Owner:
Within Emeritus, the Practice Head acts as the point person for the courses within their domain.
  • The Practice Head is ultimately responsible for ensuring the courses in her/his domain are meeting the needs of the learners, the faculty and are engaging and impactful.
  • The Practice Head works with the design and delivery team as a guide and a quality check during course delivery. To ensure a seamless experience during the delivery process, the Practice Head participates in course kick-off meetings, weekly check-ins as needed, and facilitates a course debrief at the end of each course.
  • The Practice Head collaborates with marketing and business heads to make internal Emeritus marketing and strategy decisions that involve their domain.
  • The Practice Head acts as an Emeritus spokesperson on their topic externally and may be asked to talk with the press or participate in marketing and promotional events to the general public.
  • Practice Heads may engage in key sales activities such as talking to prospective b2b clients, conducting marketing webinars, etc.  
  1. Design Advisor
The Practice Head acts as an advisor to the Design Team and participates in the design creation from a content perspective.  They do not manage the design process, rather they collaborate and are called in as needed.
  • The Practice Head co-creates the course vision and objectives together with the US Design team and consults with the US design team as needed.
  • Throughout the design process, the Practice Head provides perspectives and ideas on how to enhance content learning.
  • The Practice Head may be asked to review parts of the course to ensure academic integrity.
  • The Practice Head is continually revising and making improvements to the courses each time the course is run.
  1. Course Leader Manager
The Practice Head selects and manages a team of Course Leaders (CLs) and graders for their practice area.
  • The Practice Head recruits and retains talented CLs and graders (if applicable) that can effectively engage with students.
  • The Practice Head mentors CLs by providing feedback and guidance and sharing best practices. For courses with multiple CLs, the Practice Head works to achieve the desired level of consistency among the CLs.
  • The Practice Head gathers and implements feedback for course improvement from the CLs and shares best practices.
  • While a course is in session, the Practice Head will act as a coordinator of the CLs conducting weekly check-in meetings.
  • The Practice Head may act as a Course Leader as the opportunity arises.
  1. Faculty Collaborator:
When a new course is created, the Practice Head will be the face of Emeritus for the faculty.  They manage the relationship with the faculty and will serve as liaison and contact point for them.
  • Alongside the US Design team, the Practice Head will work with the faculty to lay out course objectives and the key modules and components of the course.
  • During the days a course is being filmed, the Practice Head is present to discuss content with the faculty.
  • The Practice Head will regularly share course updates and feedback with the faculty.
  • Once the course is live, the Practice Head acts as the contact point for the faculty.  Any questions or requests from the faculty go through the Practice Head.
  • The Practice Head encourages the faculty to adopt new ways of experiencing the material so as to provide for a better learning experience.

Skills and Traits of the Practice Head

Our Practice Area Heads need to exhibit the following characteristics:
  • Be an advocate for the learner, their needs and their experiences with Emeritus.
  • Ability to work with stakeholders across the organization Be able to drive for improvements, working with stakeholders across the organization
  • Have a very good understanding of the domain and feel confident discussing with faculty, CLs, participants and the general public.  
  • Be an effective collaborator.  Listen to others’ perspectives, offer up ideas and suggestions, advocate strongly on points of view, and after due process, accept the ‘wisdom of the group’.
  • Be a pleasant person that colleagues and stakeholders will enjoy interacting with.
  • Be open to learn and ready to adapt to meet the needs of our learners and the organization.
  • Be readily accessible, and available to respond to situations as they arise.
  • Be a strong and frequent communicator and motivate and inspire people at all levels - demonstrating passion for the domain and passion for learning.
  • Interact and communicate remotely with a group of seasoned experts in their fields – i.e. Course Leaders.
  • Positively engage with faculty and serve as a reassuring anchor during the design process and beyond.
  • Graciously challenge faculty, when appropriate, to take their course designs to the next level of effectiveness.
  • Understand the key aspects of a Course Leader and what makes them effective.


  • Ideally, a degree from a top university in the US that holds the same teaching and cultural ethos as our founding schools
  • A Ph.D. or extensive work experience in the topic
  • Experience facilitating and teaching students, preferably in an online environment.

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